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4 Mind-Blowing Recycling Facts Of Australia

We know all that Australia is one of the leading countries when it comes to dedicating itself to helping the environment. Our government has worked hard to ensure that we can keep our natural eco-system going, as well as keeping our cities clean. One of our key movements is our effort when it comes to recycling. We have dedicated efforts to ensure that our recycling system is the best in the world – one aimed at ensuring that everyone is committed to the cause and that we get the results we want.

But before you jump into bed with that idea, it is essential to understand all the key details that come with the recycling world in Australia. That is why we have provided you with some interesting facts.

Australians Are Big Producers Of Waste

Will you be shocked to know that Australia is one of the biggest producers of waste across the world? Annually, Australians generate almost 41 million tonnes of waste, which includes all kinds, such as household, rubbish, e-waste and more. If you break that down, it’s roughly 1.9 tonnes of waste from each Australian; a huge number!

Sadly, this doesn’t include kerbside rubbish, which isn’t considered “recyclable” materials. Imagine adding those numbers.

Organic Waste Counts As Only Half Of That Number

Only 47% of all the household waste that Australians recycle is organic or “green waste”. This includes everything from the garden, food scraps, and other biodegradable material. There seem to be fewer people dumping these types of wastes, as it can be used again down the line and is very useful as composts, fertilisers, and conditioners.

We Do Though Have The Earliest Recycling Plant

Back in 1815, Australia managed to get the best recycling plant. It stemmed from the first Australian paper mill which turned to recycling to reuse its used rags to make paper. This continued till 1920 when waste paper collection started happening to households.

E-Waste Is Growing

One of the biggest growers of waste throughout Australia is E-Waste, which includes all types of electronic and technology leftovers, such as mobile phones, computers and so forth. This doesn’t surprise most people, considering the high usage of the electronics in Australia.

However, the government is on it by developing the Television and Computer Recycling Scheme, which is operated and funded by the TV and computer industry and will take these electronics from households for free.

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