Sports people posing naked for charity

There have been a lot of sports people who are posing nude for certain magazines, photo exhibits, calendars and many more to support a certain charity. This is a very big help for charitable foundations. There are a lot of foundations out there as well that provides for a greater cause such as searching for cure for some diseases, promoting health and battling AIDS/HIV. With the help of the athletes who posed nude in some of the photo-shoots, the advocacies of these foundations are attained.

Health Research UK

Amazingly fit athletes such as Kelly Sotherton, Lisa Dobriskey and Harry Aikines-Aryeety pose naked and showcased their super fit bodies while they get ready for the 2012 Olympics. They revealed their wonderful bodies and posed naked on a calendar to help raise funds for a certain charity that focuses on the cardiovascular aspect of health, the Heart Research UK.

Curling Calendar

Sarah Wark and Darah Provencal will be posing for the 2011 Women of Curling Calendar as Miss June and Miss December. The proceeds for this calendar will go directly to the “Shoot for a cure.” “Shot for a cure” is a charity that finds cure for spinal paralysis. The National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHPLA) is also supporting this charity. This campaign is aiming to support and increase the awareness to all the people on the Paralympic sport of Wheelchair Curling. For every month in the curling calendar a hot woman poses to support the cause of the charity. You can search online to get a copy of this calendar. If you get a copy of this calendar, your money will be given to a greater cause.

Elton John AIDS Foundation

There have been a lot of athletes who posed naked for a certain cause in the past. Back in 2009 some of the most beautiful sports star posed naked in a black and white portrait which is a project of photographers Anderson and Low. This project is created to support the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Some of the athletic champions that posed naked in this project are Thierry Henry, Matt Dawson, Terrell Owens, and Venus Williams. The portraits were displayed in the National Portrait Gallery in London back in March 8, 2009. This project took years to prepare and the photographers aim to raise the awareness among people on the issue of HIV/AIDS. The portraits of the athletes symbolize not only their beauty, but their humanity and vulnerability as well. The event was a success and many HIV/AIDS victims were given a big amount of support. The title of the project was called “Champions.” This photo exhibit also showcased some of the never before seen nude portrait of some of the most famous athletes taken by Anderson & Low. They went to three continents to shoot the hot athletes. It took the entire production team a few years to finish this photo-shoot making the outcome truly successful. There were 138 images of black and white naked portraits of hot athletes showcased in the “Champions.”

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