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Bald Head Hair Tattoo – Tips and Ideas For Your New Tattoo

If you are looking for a new, striking and modern tattoo design for your head, then Bald Head Hair Tattoo Melbourne is the place to go. The tattoo is based on the look of a shaved head with spikes protruding from the forehead, which some people find very attractive. This look is not very common and usually not portrayed well in tattoos. So if you are looking for a unique tattoo design that is different and stands out, Bald Head Tattoo Melbourne is definitely the place to go to. This article will take a look at this amazing tattoo design and tell you what are its advantages as compared to other similar tattoos.

As already mentioned, this is a unique tattoo design. The main reason why it stands out from the rest is because it contains an uppermost scalp spot. Some of the more primitive designs include this kind of spike surrounded by curly hair or even hair with various colors thrown in. These days, the most common version shows a straight and smooth spike right above the forehead. Although the latest version has a different design but still looks good on anyone.

Bald Head Tattoo Melbourne, as it sounds like, is a custom design that was first made for a man named Michael Lash whose real name is Robert Lash. Some time in the early 1990s, he went into a bar and had a drink. While he was down, a street hustler bumped into him and hit his head on a concrete bench. With a fractured skull, Michael had to deal with a large amount of pain for a few months before getting treatment.

After having such a terrible accident, Michael decided to do everything he could to improve his appearance. After doing a lot of research and learning more about his condition and the consequences of his injury, he finally decided to get his Bald Head Hair Tattoo. After some extensive research, Michael finally found a perfect place wherein he could have all of his hair removed surgically and have a permanent hair tattoo design. He found the perfect place and now proudly has the Bald Head Hair Tattoo design on his forehead. The location on his head is right above his eyes.

Having such a design inked on your scalp will allow you to easily cover up your balding head. You will no longer have to put on a hat or scarf to hide your baldness. You will also be able to play a lot of sports without having to worry that people will stare at your shaved head. For men, having a Bald Head Tattoo design can make you look like a million bucks. For women, it will make you look gorgeous and will definitely add to your sex appeal.

When you decide to get a Bald Head Tattoo, be prepared for a rather painful procedure. It will involve some incisions on your scalp and this process may leave a scar. If the design that you have chosen is a good one, you should not have any major problems with this. However, if you choose an inferior tattoo, it may cause more pain than the rest. A good quality design needs to last for many years. So, make sure you do enough research before getting your tattoo.

Whether you want to re-create your hairline, add greater density to existing hair, camouflage scars or create a close shaven, buzz-cut look, SMP could be the solution for you. Contact us today for bald head hair tattoo Melbourne.