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Signs You Should Visit The Dentist

Not everyone likes the dentist. The thoughts and feelings of lying back there with your mouth open and having metal parts put in. It is an uncomfortable thought. But it is part of living a healthy life that you look after your teeth and notice for the key signs that tell you to visit a dentist. But what are these key signs? We spoke to the expert Dental clinic in Cranbourne in Shine Dental Group about those signs:

You Have Tooth Pain

This is perhaps the most obvious point to make: if your teeth are in pain, it is a clear sign that you should be visiting the dentist. But what kind of pain are we talking about? A one-off sharp could indicate some sort of sensitivity, but a constant dull ache is a sign that something is happening beneath the tooth. The same applies if there is always a sharp pain. It depends on what you feel is happening with your tooth. Visit a doctor regardless to ensure that it is all good.

You Always Have Bad Breath

Chewing mint and brushing your teeth is a sure-fire way that your breath is not always bad. But if you find that regardless of what you do, your breath is always bad, there is an underlying problem there that needs to be addressed. Bad breath is a horrible thing to have (and not just for the people who have to smell it). Bad breath indicates that there are bacteria in the mouth that has been building up and should be removed as soon as possible.

Your Gums Are Sore

Your whole mouth is interconnected. So if you are having pain in your gums, it is something that shouldn’t be ignored. In fact, you have to go out of your way to make sure that your gums are in a healthy condition. Flossing can go a long way to ensuring that your gums are healthy, but if you are having constant and consistent pain, then book an appointment with the dentist to make sure that your gums are fine. The last thing you want is to undergo cosmetic dentistry procedures to fix your gums.

You Have Blood After Your Brush/Floss

While this is surprisingly common for people who haven’t brushed (gross) or flossed their teeth in a long time, if you have been doing it for months, and you still have the same issue, chances are you got some underlying problems there. Consistent blood from your teeth and gums means you have problems so make sure that you check yourself out.

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